Microsoft Responsive Design

Microsoft Implements Responsive Design

Microsoft recently went live with a preview of their redesigned consumer and business website. In keeping with the new look of almost all of Microsoft’s

MS Office 15 Technical Preview

Microsoft Office 15 UI Leaked

Screen shots of the updated UI for the upcoming Microsoft Office 15 have been obtained by The Verge. The new UI has a very clean

Windows 8 Metro UI

Goodbye Start Menu?

According to various blogs, the latest build of the Microsoft 8 beta has revealed that Microsoft is planning to do away with the Start Menu.

Windows UI 8 PSD

Free Windows 8 UI PSD

Web Design Shock recently released a free Windows 8 UI PSD. This free set includes over 100 UI elements and will definitely come in handy


ZOHO Reveals New UI

This has definitely been a busy last few weeks for companies to reveal UI updates. Google launched a new menu, Twitter went live with a

Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle UI to Receive Update in 2 Weeks

The UI of the Amazon Kindle is scheduled to be updated before Christmas. According to several sources, customers on Amazon’s Kindle Fire forum have been