UX Design #43 in Top 100 Jobs Free Visio iPhone/iPad Stencils Microsoft Implements Responsive Design UX Careers Infographic

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UX Design is a Top Job

UX Design #43 in Top 100 Jobs

CNN Money recently released their list of the top 100 jobs in the US for 2012. Coming in at #43 is User Experience Design. CNN

Free Visio iOS Stencils

Free Visio iPhone/iPad Stencils

Earlier in the year I created some Visio 2010 iPhone/iPad stencils that I was planning on using for a project at work. I usually do

Microsoft Responsive Design

Microsoft Implements Responsive Design

Microsoft recently went live with a preview of their redesigned consumer and business website. In keeping with the new look of almost all of Microsoft’s

UX Careers Infographic

UX Careers Infographic

Today I stumbled upon an interesting infographic titled, “A Guide to UX Careers” over at Visual.ly. It’s almost a year old, but still has some

Feel UX

Sharp + Frog Design = Feel UX

Sharp and Frog Design have teamed up to create a new UI for Android devices. Dubbed the “Feel UX”, this new UI will initially be

Stanford Human-Computer Interaction

Stanford HCI Course Begins May 28th

Earlier in the year, Stanford University announced that they would be offering a free on-line Human-Computer Interaction course. Unfortunately this course was delayed several months.

Leap Motion

Leap Motion Gesture Control

Earlier this week, Leap Motion unveiled their Gesture Control technology. This goal of this device it to allow you to interact with your computer via


Adobe CS6 Released Today

There probably isn’t a User Experience Designer out there today that doesn’t touch at least one of the Adobe tools on a daily basis. Adobe

MS Office 15 Technical Preview

Microsoft Office 15 UI Leaked

Screen shots of the updated UI for the upcoming Microsoft Office 15 have been obtained by The Verge. The new UI has a very clean

Cool UX Books

Two New Books

Last week I ordered two books that grabbed my interest as I was browsing on Amazon. The first one arrived yesterday and is titled, “Sketching