10 Things UX Designers Can Buy With Christmas Gift Cards

Posted by Troy Broas | January 12, 2012  |  No Comment
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Christmas has come and gone, but the fun has just begun. Chances are you, you have at least one or two gift cards burning a hole in your pocket.  Treat yourself to some of these items to get 2012 off to a good start!


Adobe Icon Pillows
These cool pillows can be found on ETSY and also on several other websites. I was lucky enough to have a good friend who suprised me with a homemade set. MySuiteStuff has the awesomely named, “Creative Sleep” set available.


These cleverly named t-shirts come printed with phrases such as, “Personas are my co-pilot” and “Edge Case”.

Moleskin Sketch/Notebooks

Every UX Design could use a new Moleskin sketch book. The perfect tool for sketching and wireframing.

Copic Markers
Always welcomed in a UX designer’s toolkit, Copic Markers make a great gift.

Wacom Inkling
This cool gadget is a little pricey, but could be an invaluable new piece of your UX toolbox.

iPad Stylus
Did you get a new iPad for Christmas? If so,  make sure you get a new stylus. It’s much easier to sketch with a stylus than your finger tip!

Computer Monitor
If you were lucky enough to get a BIG giftcard, why not treat yourself to a new or even better, second monitor? There is nothing better than a dual monitor setup in your office! Check out the Dell UltraSharp U2711.


UI Stencils
Grab yourself a set of UI stencils to help speedup your sketching.


No UX Designer’s office is complete unless it has a good whiteboard (or two) in it. Glass whiteboards are some of my favorite.


Touchscreens, voice control and Kinect haven’t completely take over just yet, so a good mouse is always welcomed. I would recommend the Logictech Performance MX Mouse for Windows and Mac.


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