Google Developing HUD Glasses

Posted by Troy Broas | December 22, 2011  |  No Comment
Google Glasses

This week it was revealed that researchers at Google’s “X Lab” might be working on glasses that will superimpose data over anything the user is viewing. Augmented reality has already been implemented on several mobile apps, but the technology embedded in glasses would create a new type of user experience. I personally am not sure if this is something that I would constantly want in my field of view, but it would handy to be able to activate the functionality on an as needed basis. Some scenarios where I think it could be beneficial include:

  • Tourists could be provided glasses on sightseeing tours, the glasses could display information on important landmarks.
  • Attendees of sporting events could be provided with real time stats. For examples, while watching a  football game, the same information that is displayed on TV can be presented to those in the stands, such as the graphics that are projected onto the field.

It will be exciting to see how quickly google can get this technology out for commercial consumption.

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