Leap Motion Gesture Control

Posted by Troy Broas | May 25, 2012  |  No Comment
Leap Motion

Earlier this week, Leap Motion unveiled their Gesture Control technology. This goal of this device it to allow you to interact with your computer via gestures, similar to the Microsoft Kinect. What sets the Leap apart is that it is able to track hundreds of thousands of points at a time. As a result, the gesture tracking is incredibly accurate. It can track all ten of your finger tips at a time, or it can track the slightest movement in one finger tip.

The Leap Motion device is a small rectangular piece of hardware that will sit in front of your existing monitor. Leap is also currently in talks with several hardware manufacturers to get this technology built into laptops and other devices. After watching the demo video on several websites, I admit that I am incredibly impressed with how fluid this technology seems to be. Another factor that seems incredible to  me is the price. Currently the Leap Motion is on pre-order for just $69.99. For that price, I am tempted to place my order so I can experiment with this thing in person.

With Microsoft releasing Kinect for PCs and now the Leap Motion Gesture Control device entering the market, it seems as we are heading quickly to interacting with our devices Minority Report/Tony Stark style sooner rather than later. I’m not sure about you, but I’m getting excited :)

Check out the demo below to see the Leap Motion in action.

[Via Leap Motion]

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